The Mental Game of Poker

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Product Summary


The mental game may be more important in poker than in any other form of competition. It’s one of the only games in the world where you can play perfectly and lose—again and again. Hundreds of poker players have turned to mental game coach Jared Tendler’s revolutionary approach to help them play their best, no matter how badly they’re running. In this book you’ll find simple, step-by-step instructions and proven techniques to permanently fix problems such as tilt, handling variance, emotional control, confidence, fear, and motivation. With the games getting tougher, now is the time to take these problems head on.

  • Discover the most definitive work on tilt ever released.
  • Read stories from professional poker players who made major improvements using Jared’s method.
  • Solve motivational problems with methods used by SuperNova Elites.


TwoPlusTwo poster jerseys: “Thanks to this book I went from agonizing and playing 250 hands of PLO a day to 1250 a day and feeling great about it.”

TwoPlusTwo poster tams: “I used to get mad all the time when players would beat me on an all-in when they were far behind. Those beats would linger in my mind and I would play consistently worse for a good amount of time. Now, those beats no longer phase me.”

TwoPlusTwo poster W3rdy303: “Dealing with uncertainty and lack of control has always been an issue of mine. The first major breakthrough I had with your book was realizing that I can only control my own actions.”

TwoPlusTwo poster Mental Order: “I play low stakes HU sngs and my biggest mental leak was rematching good opponents after I lost a match to them (revenge-tilt). I’m beating these low stakes and 90% of villains decline a rematch. What tilted me most was when a thinking (or semi-thinking) player wanted a rematch, apparently thinking I’m a fish (which I am but def not by low stakes standards). Now I always decline rematches v thinking villains, irregardless of the result and I don’t give a **** anymore whether they think they’re better than me or not. I’m sure this approach allows me to increase my win rate a lot.”