Tilt Breaker Reviews

“…a great way to keep tilt from destroying your bankroll or game.”

“The only way you can kill tilt is by remaining in control at the table when you would typically lose control. Unfortunately, the brain makes controlling tilt harder because it’s designed to shut down thinking when emotion rises too high. Meaning, if tilt becomes too intense, you lose the ability to think clearly. Thinking is how you remain in control, and if you can’t think, you can’t control tilt. Period.”

“Until you learn to control tilt, Tilt Breaker is a great way to keep tilt from destroying your bankroll or game. TB alone won’t solve your tilt problem, but it can be an important part of the overall solution.”

- Jared Tendler, M.S., author of “The Mental Game of Poker”

“I now use Tilt Breaker to make sure the volume I am putting in is good volume, not tilt volume”

“I have struggled with many forms of tilt over the years. Soft tilt, when you are playing unfocused due to distraction, can be the most dangerous form of tilt because it can go unnoticed for long durations of time.

“I now use Tilt Breaker to make sure the volume I am putting in is good volume, not tilt volume.The software has paid for itself many times over already. I highly recommend Tilt Breaker to anyone that is prone to any form of tilt.”

- Kevin “Wizard of Ahhs” Thurman,
PokerStars Team Online Pro, SuperNova Elite and Lead Coach for UltimateGrinders.com

“…this product is beyond useful – it’s essential”

Part Time Poker Staking

“This is a neat piece of software. I can’t imagine the tens of thousands I would have saved if I had it when I started playing online poker, but at least I can look forward to saving similar amounts in the years ahead. If you have any issues with self-control at the tables, buy Tilt Breaker today.”

“If tilt or poor bankroll management costs you money, this product is beyond useful – it’s essential.”

- Part Time Poker

A+ Software

Tilt Breaker Review

“I’m pretty impressed so far. There’s a ton of stuff in here for helping you control your tilt, and beyond that, just plain helping you play within the specifications of your A game. The big feature with this is the ability to auto-break your sessions. There are 4 ways to do this and they can be used in conjunction with each other. For me, the best thing about this software is the peak stop loss. It prevents you from blowing away your profits during a session.”

“A+ software. It’s like Table Ninja, but for your mindset and bankroll!

- Micro Stakes Grinder blog

PokerSoftware.com Recommended Software

PokerSoftware.com Recommended

“Wish you had someone to stop you from doing something really stupid every time you went on tilt? Outside of a personal assistant, there hasn’t been an option – until now. Tilt Breaker is a tilt management program that will act as a bodyguard between your rage and your precious bankroll. Armed with a Rage Quit button and Auto-Break functionality, Tilt Breaker is a helpful tool for people with tilt issues at online poker tables.”

“A pretty small price to pay compared to the times we’ve all spewed off a few stacks when we shouldn’t have. If you have tilt issues, then Tilt Breaker is a great program designed to save your bankroll from the biggest villain of all – you!”

- PokerSoftware.com

What a Turnaround! – A Case Study

The graphs to the left were two consecutive month’s results for Poker blogger John “Appleseed Poker”, who blogs on the CardRunners blog network. As you can see, John’s October before getting Tilt Breaker wasn’t one of his best. However, as soon as he incorporated Tilt Breaker into his game he gained “peace of mind” with Tilt Breaker protecting his bankroll, and was able to put up a stellar November! Does this story sound too good to be true? Check out his blog post for yourself here.

“Tilt Breaker has allowed me to play with a peace of mind that I won’t light 10 buy ins on fire”

- Appleseed Poker Blog

User Testimonials

“There were many times where I would have lost thousands of dollars, but Tilt Breaker’s features kept me from doing so. You won’t be disappointed.”

Homie Rot – Professional Poker Player and 2p2er

“I have set up rules to avoid tilt, but what I’m finding is that im actually playing better because I don’t want to be locked out. Also a lot more sessions are in the plus $$ because of the Stop Loss from Peak option.”

Phillip Lee

“I just love your product. I am playing so much more now because I am no longer afraid to tilt buyins away. Win more because I play more and lose less because of the set limits. Thank you for this.”

Timon Bos

“I thought that my life changed when I started my poker career, but what really launched me to the higher stakes was TB.”

Sergio – Mexico City

“I tilt no more or less than the average poker player and Tilt Breaker paid for itself almost immediately. It’s great for any player.”

Bumbaclat – 2p2er

“A real game changer for anyone with Bankroll Management or Tilt issues. Tilt Breaker could literally turn losing players into winners by giving them the discipline they’ve been lacking.”

JockinJZ – Professional Poker Player

“If Tilt is your greatest enemy, than Tilt Breaker is your greatest ally.”

Stu the Kid Ungar – 2p2er and Serious Amateur Player