Let There Be Range!

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Product Summary


Want to Make 175k a Year?

Cole South and Tri Nguyen recently wrote a book on how to think about poker.

They wrote in a manner they wished someone would have done when they first started grinding the games. They don’t hesitate to say it is currently the BEST POKER EDUCATIONAL TOOL in the community. After reading the content, maybe you will realize that perhaps making six figures playing poker isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Let’s use some numbers to put things in perspective.

If you win 3ptbb/100 while 6-tabling 2/4NL, you will average $122/hour. Take (3 * 2 * 85 hands per hour * $4 * 6 tables) / 100 hands. By playing just 30 hours per week, you will make around 15k/month, not including rakeback.

And this is playing 2/4NL with 6-tables. Your earnings will increase as you add more tables and move up to 3/6NL and 5/10NL. They have readers who have ACHIEVED this goal.


From Respected TwoPlusTwo Member Barracuda:
“If there’s one thing that this book gave me apart from the obvious, it was confidence. A confidence about hold em which i had never experienced before.”

From LeggoPoker coach/instructor Clayton:
“Is Let There Be Range worth the money? A resounding yes, but only if you are the kind of person who can get the most out of the reading.”

From Respected TwoPlusTwo Member heggahegga:
“”I never thought I’d spend this much on a book, and I certainly never thought I’d consider it a bargain!”

From Respected MSNLer iRunLucky:
“The book is by far exceeded my expectations!”

From CardRunners coach/instructor SixPeppers:
“If you are a low-midstakes grinder and proven winner, and can afford it, get the book! I don’t think realistically anyone can create/recreate a book as powerful as Let There Be Range for at least another 10 years.”

From Respected TwoPlusTwo Member Learning:
“I can say that it’s easily the best poker book I’ve ever read and I’ve read every other well-respected poster’s book.”

From Respected MSNLer cbboy:
“It is a great book and a must buy for any ssnl/msnl player who wants to improve their game and/or move up the ranks.”

From Respected MSNL/HSNLer kwantum:
“I’ll just say that it’s the most practical poker book I’ve read.”

From Respected TwoPlusTwo Poster DruM:
“People talk about their ‘aha’ moments in poker, I’ve had several of those within the first 30 minutes of reading Tri’s book.”