How To Stop Tilting

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Product Summary

The premier poker Mental coach shares the secrets of mastering the Mental Game.

Tilt is the most destructive force in poker. Players who are unable to control tilt face a significant disadvantage. Especially with the poker more competitive than ever, even subtle tilt issues can have a dramatic impact on a player’s winrate today and decrease their likelihood for success in the future.

In this webinar video you will learn:

  • Why previous attempts to eliminate tilt have failed.
  • Why a malfunctioning mind is beyond your control.
  • Why tilt can be a good thing.
  • How to identify your breaking point.
  • To dissect tilt in deeper ways than ever before.
  • How to identify and breakdown the seven types of tilt.
  • How Accumulated Tilt is a major wild card.
  • A strategic and logical method to begin truly conquering tilt.
  • When to quit and when to keep playing.
  • Realistic expectations around improving.
  • How to track improvement.
So, Why Jared Tendler?

Jared Tendler is the mental game coach to over 180 poker players from around the world, and has helped some of poker’s biggest names: Dusty Schmidt, Niman Kenkre, Taylor Caby, and many others. In fact, Jared’s students have made millions more from poker because of his coaching.