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Tilt Breaker Only Has To Work Once to Pay for Itself

Pay with Credit/Debit Card or PayPal or MoneyBookers or WebMoney

  • For PayPal and Credit Card purchases, just click the “Tilt Breaker Lifetime License” image above
  • Please email to make a purchase through MoneyBookers
  • Оплатить с помощью WebMoney через нашего партнера
  • If none of the above options work for you, email and we will work something out
  • License code instructions:

    • After a purchase you will receive a license code immediately by e-mail (Please check your Spam folder as well)
    • Install Tilt Breaker
    • Open the “Configure Tilt Breaker” shortcut, or right-click the Tilt Breaker icon in your systems tray and select “Configure”.
    • Click on “Registration”
    • Click on “Enter a License Code”
    • Enter your license code and click “ok”
    You can use your license code on as many computers as you own!

Update Policy

As long as you have a paid lifetime license code, you will receive all updates regarding the Tilt Breaker software, such as:

  • New features
  • New supported sites
  • Bug fixes
  • Patches for poker site updates

Necessary Legal

SteamDonkey LLC reserves the right to, at our sole discretion, decide that a new software product, or an upgrade or add-on to Tilt Breaker, is NOT an update to Tilt Breaker and that it must be purchased separately. Your subscription to free updates will NOT grant you access to any software products or Tilt Breaker upgrades or add-ons that we decide to sell separately. All updates will be released at SteamDonkey LLC’s sole discretion. SteamDonkey LLC does not promise to release regular updates and is in no way obligated to provide updates to Tilt Breaker.

Additionally, all translated material is provided solely for your conveniance. All purchases are governed by the English language version of this agreement at

Refund Policy

There is a fully functional 15 day trial available for you to download and test the Tilt Breaker software on your respective machine before a purchase is necessary. Therefore no refunds will be provided since the user had adequate resources and time to test the Tilt Breaker software and determine if it was of satisfactory performance.